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Welcome To Stratocent Technologies!

We are an Information Technology firm with a focus on small and mid-sized business, as well as regular people just like you! We provide outsourced technology services to allow our clients to USE technology instead of trying to make it work or figure it out.
By trusting us with their technology, our clients do what they do best, while benefiting from the best that technology has to offer in making their business work better, leaner, more efficiently and more flexible.
Our clients experience being able to actually WORK, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having professionals manage their technology and critical company and client data. Call us today! 206-300-0081


Great local company that I would definitely recommend.

Stratocent helped our small office get up-to-date on some much needed computer related software, etc. The owner was able to clearly explain where we had vulnerabilities and how to best rectify the problems.